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  • A Distinct Sense of Belonging
    • This was my response to an invitation by a book editor to write about what it means to me to be a baseball fan.
  • Elders, Church, and the Nurturance of Spirit
    • Churches and synagogues are in an especially good position to work effectively with and serve older persons.
  • Flesh Made Word
    • A short reflection on my own journal writing practice.
  • Helping Jimmy 
    • This is the first of three essays related to the game of baseball, it tells the story of a childhood experience of sandlot play on behalf of charity.
  • Redeemed From Time: Learning Through Autobiography
    • This essay published in Adult Education Quarterly, provides rationale for the importance of doing autobiographical work in the field of adult education
  • Sandlot Days
    •  A short reflection on baseball and especially the glories of unsupervised play in childhood.
  • Stories at the Hour of Our Death
    • This essay is about the power of storytelling with a special focus on working with people who are dying.
  • A Valley in the Landscape
    • This essay is about recent experiences teaching in the “New Books, New Readers” program sponsored by the Maine Humanities Council.